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Request Title Type of Recipe Requested By # of Replies
Scallops Seafood Ann Jennings 9
A simple scallop seafood recipe.
Buttermilk lime pie Pies Carolyn 6
I've made buttermilk pies, but this one I tasted had a tasty crust on the top similar to the crust that forms on a pound cake. It also had coconut in the custard. Sooo delicious. Hope someone has a recipe.
cucumber tea sandwiches Vegetable Susan Roth 5
cucumber tea sandwich recipe
seafood cannaloni Seafood cdubois 5
italian recipe with seafood and cannaloni
cheese and onion pie Pies marc 34
cheese and onion pastry pie
white choc chip cookies Cookie annie 5
coconut, white chocolate chip
Basic Bolognese sauce Sauces Babs 18
Hi there, I am seeking a really simple tasty ground beef bolognese sauce recipe made from tin tomatoes and tomato paste (and a bit extra). Most of the recipes I see on the net have too many ingredients and use milk, bacon, tomato sauce and is not very authentic and sounds like too much work. Can anyone please assist. would really appreciate it. Cheers
sweet and sour chicken Chicken sue houghland 3
sweet and sour chicken
indonesian chicken john 25
pork tenderloin allen hooker 10
pork tenderloin sauted and baked
chicken francaise Chicken chesh daden 7
chicken with wine
French Toast Brunch Janet Anderson 5
french toast using challah bread
shrimp with spinach Seafood Kathleen 3
shrimp, spinach, prochutto (spelling?) pine nuts with orzo pasta
Ice Milk Dessert Maryanne 6
similar to ice cream, but made with milk
cold green beans Vegetable Jennifer 9
French style green beans served cold and crispy tossed with some sort of lemon juice concoction. Seems very simple -- but very tasty.
Chipotle Carnitas Pork Dallas Cotton 17
The carnitas at chipotle are delicious, some of the best pork I've had in a while. Anyone know the recipe they use?
Chicken Stuffed Jalapenos Appetizers Carla Ferris 6
Searched for a good recipe with chicken but didn't find one. I can fry them but doing them in the oven could be fine too.
strawberry cobbler Dessert Joe 1
strawberry cobbler
Cranberry squash Vegetable Jon Paul 6
The recipe used orange juice and zest I thnk.
Shark Jerky Seafood Caron Arnold 84
Looking for a recipe for smoked shark jerky, had it before and it's delicious!
Tarragon Chicken Breasts Chicken Terrance Wiloughby 7
The recipe i'm looking for was baked and included mayonaise in the recipe.
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