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Request Title Type of Recipe Requested By # of Replies
Eggplant Vegetable Cyretta 6
Eggplant parmigiani
Mexilhao a Carioca Seafood Karen Beeman 7
It has leeks, garlic and cream. Something red in it but can't figure it out. Ate at Cafe de Brasil
leek pudding Vegetable edie ching 6
a pudding with leek, cheese and bread
cucumber sauce Sauces sandy 7
cucumber sauce
risotto Rice nick pacione 4
risotto with asparagus
Cuban roast port Pork Eleanor Davis 8
pork with lime, garlic, and cumin
mushroom Sacetti Pasta carol day 9
a mushroom pate in a pasta sack with wild mushroom cream sauce
Julia childs cage cake Cakes made tanner 5
a lacy caramel cage made over a bowl and covering a sponge cake with fruit and whipped cream
salmon Seafood janette 10
bread crumb crust thyme dried cranberries
Mistinguette Salad Appetizers Cyril Johnson 4
Avocado, Prawns, Boiled Egg, Chopped Onion, Marie Rose Sauce
Butternut squash lasagna Vegetable Ines 6
Tana Ramsay recipe from Real home cooking
Purple Kale Stew Jan Siechert 13
just bought some purple kale at the Farmer's market. I would like to use the ribs also, if possible.
dried figs Brunch bob flynn 4
figs with cheese
Dragon fruit Trudy Geling 4
How to prepare and use
Pineapple Flan Dessert Elle 5
Flan with Pineapple or other fruit
samartini Pies Carmel 8
pastry filled with dried figs and using vinno cotto
sweet samartini Pies Carmel 12
pastry filled with dried figs using vini cotto
carne assado Beef Andre' Roux 9
Portuguese beef & patato type stew
quinoa Stuffing Heidi Rust 10
quinoa, tomatoes, spices
Blonde brownies Cookie j Mellen 10
Bar cookie; white battar with choc chips on top
tarta de santiago Cakes carmen cardenas 7
its a desert made out with almonds, butter, eggs
chicken parm Chicken meg ryan 7
chicken & egg plant parm
coconut custard pie Pies ron russo 11
coconut custard pie
beefcurry Stew 13
no rise yeast coffee cake Cakes jw 5
Im looking for a coffee cake recipe that uses yeast but there is no rising involved- i think you put the pan in a cold oven to start. Thank you!

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